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Hot Nights in Bankok Now that your chic of many years has dumped you and left you for that greaser down the street driving the 30 yr old car, American girls don't seem so hot anymore, do they? Time to start shopping around, we say. Maybe, just maybe, you should re-direct your tastes overseas where being spoiled rotten hasn't quite set in yet. May we suggest a Thai cutie? They're compact, fun, they'll appreciate a guy driving a hot auto, and are cheap to feed. A week's worth of noodles goes a long way with these babes, and they'll suck your dick long time.

This action packed Sunny Leone Movie is every Sunny fans fantasy. This really is all Sunny all the Time in this DVD. You will never see more sex with everyone's favorite XXX superstar. Sunny goes from being the dominate Mistress to the Seductive sex star. The final scene ends with what Sunny herself calls : "A Cock-Off". This 4-way scene Sunny Shows she can use a strap on better than most guys use their cocks.

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